Interplex’s CAP-LOC™ System is a solderless mounting system for electrolytic capacitors that eliminates the secondary processes of soldering, adhesives, or clamps commonly used to make the electrical and mechanical connections to PCBs. This capacitor holder system is designed to withstand the rigors of automotive applications and other mobility type products.

Application Notes
Data Sheet
Interplex CAP-LOC™ System Features
  • Completely solderless interconnection system
  • Proven 0.8mm press-fits for superior retention and electrical conductivity
  • Accommodates diameter and length tolerances of capacitor
  • High force mechanical capacitor clamp (low mass plastic)
  • High normal force electrical connection to capacitor leads
  • Minimal stress relaxation on spring contact
  • Minimal lead deformation or coating damage
  • No conductive components touching capacitor body
  • 4-sided capture of capacitor leads
  • Designed for 18mm capacitor body
  • Easy assembly system
Open Back Design
  • Accommodates various capacitor lengths
  • Provides visibility of polarity markings
  • Length tolerance compliant
  • Center of gravity within plastic (40mm Cap)
CAP-LOC Applications
Powertrain Control
Safety Control
Convenience Control
Engine & Transmission
Battery Management
DC Converters-Inverters
Cooling Fans
Water Pumps
Airbag Controls
Electronic Braking
HID Lamps
Small Motor Drives
Electronic Steering
Performance Specifications
  • Maximum operating temperature: 125 C
  • Contact resistance: 1 mΩ max from capacitor lead to PCB
  • PCB retention force: 250N typical (Y-direction)
  • Capacitor retention force: 125N typical (Z-direction)
  • 3Kg normal force contact beam to capacitor leads
Reference Dimensions
See data sheet IPX15108 for full product outline including PCB footprint and hole construction
Simple Assembly
Single Motion Assembly Fixture
PCB Assembly Tool