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Solderless SMT Card Edge Connector/ Contact System

Interplex presents a new SMT Card Edge Connector system based on a discrete SMT component that creates a solderless press-fit edge card connector system for daughter card applications.

Basic Specifications
  • Interplex-tested and proven 0.64mm press-fit technology
  • Packaged in 16mm X 4mm pitch EIA tape for compatibility to standard high-speed pick and place equipment
  • Strong through-hole SMD soldered interface for high mechanical strength
  • High conductivity material for up to15 amps per contact
  • Maximum operating temperature: 125C
  • Contact resistance: 1 mΩ max press-fit Interface
  • 30N minimum retention force per each press-fit contact
  • Packaging :16mm X 4mm pitch tape & reel on 13” diameter Reel
  • Reeled continuous metal stamping packaging option

More About Interplex's Solderless SMT Press Fit Card Edge Connector System

Solderless SMT Card Edge Contact System
View our product brochure on the left to learn more about how Interplex's solderless surface mount technology card edge system can improve your daughter board assembly requirements.
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