Press Fit Pins

Press-Fit Pins/Compliant Pins

Interplex’s solderless press-fit terminals are designed for demanding applications and are available on 0.64mm and 0.8mm thick terminals. Read more on Press Fit Pins.

Compliant Pin/Press-Fit Modules

Manufacturers utilize Press-Fit Terminal/Compliant Terminal technology in a variety of modules. Interplex's Solderless, Press Fit/Compliant technology helps customers design in low-cost, high-quality products to meet robust requirements for new electronics applications. Read more on Press Fit Modules. Press Fit Modules

SMT Card-Edge Press-Fit

Card-Edge SMT Press-Fit

Interplex's SMT card edge connector system employes a discrete SMT component, creating a solderless press-fit edge card connector system for daughter card applications. It's Interplex-tested and proven 0.64mm press-fit technology. Read more on Card Edge Press Fits.

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