Solderless Press-Fit Terminals for Automotive Applications

Press-Fit TechnologyInterplex Industries, a leading global provider of precision components and assemblies, offers "Press-Fit Pin / Compliant Pin Solderless Interconnect Technology" for the automotive industry.

Press-Fit TechnologyThis technology allows for the assembly of a terminal or electrical lead with a printed circuit board’s (PCB) plated-through hole in such a way that an electrical connection is created and maintained without the application of solder.
Automotive manufacturers utilize Compliant Terminal / Press-Fit technology in control modules, switch assemblies, fuse receptacles, junction boxes, hybrid inverters, motion, pressure sensors and connector assemblies as well as other engine and passenger compartment applications.

Interplex’s design, applications and manufacturing expertise integrates its press-fit technology into insert molded assemblies typically found in electronic packaging and connector technology.

Interplex’s Press-Fit Solderless Technology Features:

  • Solderless Technology design & tested to meet the Automotive Requirements
  • Qualified to 125░ C Operational temperatures with options up to 150░ C
  • Requirements defined by IEC, EIA and SAE.
  • Designs available for both .64mm and .80mm thick press-fit sections
  • High conductive material options
  • Compatible with various PCB plating Types
  • Compatible with various press fit PCB connectors

Interplex's Compliant / Press-Fit terminal, Solderless Technology is fully tested to meet the automotive industry's stringent operating requirements. The technology has successfully passed standard automotive testing requirements for vibration and for temperatures up to 125░ C, as defined by the IEC, EIA and SAE.

Press-Fit TechnologyInterplex currently offers two material thicknesses for its "eye of the needle"-based press fit designs: 0.64 mm and 0.80 mm. The company’s Advanced Engineering team works with customers to develop compliant / press-fit solutions for applications such as discrete terminals and connector assemblies, press fit PCB connectors, as well as custom-molded packages and specialized assemblies. In addition, Interplex leverages its expertise in product design, applications engineering, manufacturing and automation to help customers create the proper turnkey solution for any particular application. Application notes, Applications drawings, samples are available upon request.


"Automotive manufacturers utilize Compliant Terminal / Press-Fit Terminal technology in control modules, switch assemblies, fuse receptacles, junction boxes and other engine and passenger compartment applications. Interplex's Solderless, Compliant / Press-Fit technology helps customers design in low-cost, high-quality products to meet the ever increasing requirements for new automotive electronics applications."

Interplex can support a variety of material options, based on the application's conductivity and temperature requirements. In addition, the company can leverage its global manufacturing resources to meet any regional manufacturing or automation requirements.



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