Press-FitAutomotive Press Fit Solderless Interconnects are designed and tested to meet standard automotive requirements for vibration, mechanical and thermal shock for up to 125░C, as defined by the IEC, EIA and SAE.
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Open CavityOpen Cavity Thermal Packaging Solutions for applications such as automotive sensors and modules, semiconductor leadframes, consumer electronics, telecom amplifiers, industrial controls, military avionics and medical devices. Capacitor HolderCap-Loc - Solderless Capacitor Mount System is a solderless mounting system for electrolytic capacitors that eliminates the secondary processes of soldering, adhesives, or clamps commonly used to make the electrical and mechanical connections to PCBs.
Electronic Modules and PackagesElectronic Modules and Packages
Interplex offers complete solutions from concept through development and into scalable high-volume production for almost any electronic packaging application.
Compliant & Pressfit TerminalsSolderless Press-Fit Terminals for Automotive Applications Our modular high-speed production dies
can be configured for specific blade lengths and tip geometries to provide you with fast and economical product development cycles.
Flex Circuit AssembliesFlex Circuit Assembly with Custom Connector Solutions From concept development to high volume production, Interplex Sunbelt Inc. offers design services that focus on "design for manufacturability" Flex Circuit Assemblies with quick turn prototyping during the early stages of your program.
Card Edge SMT Press-FitSolderless SMT Card Edge Contact Sysytem
Interplex Engineered Products presents a new SMT card edge connector system based on a discrete SMT component that creates a solderless press-fit edge card connector system for daughter card applications.
Press-Fit Interconnect Technology allows for the insertion of a specially stamped terminal into a plated-through hole (PTH) in a printed circuit board (PCB) in such a way that an electro-mechanical connection is established without using solder. Wirebondable Finishes for Semiconductor,
Sensor & Power Package Leadframes. Wire bonding is generally considered the most cost-effective and flexible interconnect technology, and is used to assemble the vast majority of semiconductor packages.
Capacitor HolderCap-Loc - Product Outline provides application information to assist the product engineer to integrate the Cap-Loc product into their assembly. It contains dimensional , PCB footprint, assembly and profile information as well as some basic test data.
Press-FitPress-Fit Current Carrying Capacity Data This document displays the electrical current capacity data for Interplex’s two most popular sizes of press-fit zones, 0.64mm and 0.80mm. The data displayed here are intended as design guidelines.
Air-Cavity PackageMulti-lead Organic Air-Cavity Package for
High Power High Frequency RFICs A new air cavity package has been developed and qualified for packaging high power RF components. The
package uses the standard outline of a conventional ceramic package. The ceramic dielectric is replaced with a high
performance thermoplastic called QuantechTM (which is a modified Liquid Crystal Polymer).
Air-Cavity PackageMulti-lead Organic Air-Cavity Package for
High Power High Frequency RFICs A high performance, thermally stable, isotropic thermoplastic package developed for a higher power amplifier RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit)provides the system designer an integrated solution that can yield overall lower cost system level solution in base station applications.
Adapting Press-Fit Harsh Environments Adapting Press-Fit Connection Technology for Electronic Modules in Harsh Environments The development of electronic systems for use in such applications as automotive and transportation equipment require the units to operate under quite aggressive conditions and severe ambient environments.
Press-Fit for Electronic Modules PresentationAdapting Press-Fit Connection Technology for Harsh Environments Presentation Automotive and transportation equipment require the units to operate under quite aggressive conditions and severe ambient environments as compared to other related industries such as telecom.Global Solar TechnologyGlobal Solar Technology - Smart packages for CPV cell devices Without doubt, the future of renewable energy systems that utilize concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) principles depend absolutely upon the capability to build cost effective CPV cell modules.Advantages of LCP PackagesAdvantages of LCP Packages The electronics industry has pushed the development of thermoplastic materials to suit higher temperature applications, especially as a result of the introduction lead-free (RoHS) processing conditions. Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP) are the choice for plastic body components and connectors, developed to suit temperatures of 300 degrees C and above.
AutomationInterplex Automation delivers custom designed assembly solutions ranging from single station work cells to fully-automatic robotic assembly systems for the automotive, medical and consumer markets.
Capabilities Overview
ChinaInterplex China The Interplex group in China consists of several manufacturing facilities. Together, they offer complete manufacturing needs including design, tooling, stamping, molding, plating, anodizing, etching, vacuum metallization, die casting, deep draw, multi-slide, assembly and packaging.DaystarInterplex Daystar is a custom metal stamping and insert molding company with vacuum metalizing capabilities. The company operates in a 60,000 square foot facility and supports the automotive, communications, consumer, medical and electronics markets.
Etch LogicInterplex Etch Logic's proprietary reel-to-reel technology creates etched precision metal components with very close tolerances and a high level of repeatability and consistency, outperforming competing technologies such
as panel etching.
MexicoInterplex Mexico has developed many new and innovative applications for automotive, telecom, connectors, and potentiometer clamps. We produce reel-to-reel precision metal components with very close tolerances and high repeatabilitiy.NASInterplex NAS is the leader in the design and manufacture of precision metal stampings, plastic insert molded parts and intricate circuit assemblies. Interplex NAS pioneered the revolutionary solder and flux bearing leads to overcome all the challenges of circuits assembly with absolute precision and reliability.
PrecisionInterplex Precision Machining is a manufacturer of precision machined medical components that provides a wide array of manufacturing services including turning, milling, laser marking, wire EDM, sinker EDM, hand finishing and assembly.Stewart EFIInterplex Stewart EFI, located in Hangzhou China, is a leading US-based contract manufacturer of precision deep drawn, stamped, slide formed and assembled components, as well as staked and welded wire assembly manufacturing services.SunbeltInterplex Sunbelt has excelled as a custom manufacturer of precision metal stampings and continuous reel-to-reel insert molded assemblies. In-house die design, construction, production and tool maintenance allows the company to service its customer’s needs quickly and completely.