Many etched parts require a plated finish. Interplex Etch Logic’s reel-to-reel etching capabilities provide an ideal opportunity to use continuous reel-to-reel plating processes as well.

These allow high throughput and cost effective finishing with excellent uniformity. Localized spot or stripe plating of precious and other metals is possible because our etched parts are on precise pitch so we can match plating location to the critical areas of the product.

Reel-to-Reel Plating Capabilities:

    • Brush - Gold and/or Palladium-Nickel selectively deposited.
    • All Over - Gold, Palladium, Palladium-Nickel, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Tin-Lead applied uniformly.
    • Controlled Depth and Spot - Gold, Palladium, Palladium-Nickel, Nickel, Tin or Tin-Lead selectively deposited.
    • Stripe - Gold, palladium, Palladium-Nickel or Tin-Lead deposited in single or multiple stripes, on one or both sides.
Interplex Etch Logic Fact Sheet