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About Us


Founded in 1958 in Flushing, NY, Interplex Industries has been manufacturing complex parts and assemblies for over fifty years. The company first expanded into Europe with the opening of Interplex PMP in Scotland in 1968. Since then, Interplex has added locations in France, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, India, China, Korea and Malaysia and the United States, continuing its long history of successful global expansion.

From the operator on the manufacturing floor, to the tool maker in the tool room, to the engineer at the CAD station, the employees of Interplex have one thing in common: They have the expertise and knowledge to develop, engineer and manufacture complex parts and assemblies. That expertise continues to grow as Interplex adds new technologies, products, and services to solve new customer problems and provide innovative solutions.


A core part of Interplex's global heritage is its commitment to quality. It is Interplex's policy to produce products that meet or exceed its customers' requirements. Providing high quality products, that are defect free and delivered on-time is the objective of each Interplex location.

To ensure this, the quality system of nearly every Interplex component production facility is certified to both ISO 9001 and TS/ISO 16949. Other certifications held by Interplex facilities include ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). Interplex's quality system employs the use of in-line vision control systems, statistical process control and six sigma methodology as required to meet the company's quality objectives.


Interplex Industries
14-34 110 St., Suite 301
College Point, NY 11356

1 (718) 961-6212
1 (718) 886-0573 (fax)

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