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Interplex Daystar, Inc., located in Franklin Park, IL is a custom metal stamping and insert molding company, specializing in precision metal stamping, as well as rotary insert molding. The company operates in a 112,000 square foot facility and supports the automotive, communications, consumer and electronics markets.

Interplex Daystar, certified to IS0 9001-2000 and TS 16949, specializes in light gauge, tight tolerance parts made from strip material of all types-stainless, cold rolled steel and non-ferrous metals and a wide variety of plastics for our insert molding operations. The company designs, builds and maintains all of its stamping dies and plastic molds in house and has an engineering department to aid customers early in the design of their parts or assembles.

To ensure quality, many tools designed by Interplex Daystar include in-die sensors and the production process is monitored by vision systems at run speed for certain applications.

  • Prototypes: In-house design and manufacture of prototype tooling for precision stamped metal components as well as short run volumes.

  • Tooling: In-house tooling capabilities include grinding and Wire EDM techniques to produce carbide and steel tooling designed to meet exacting specification.

  • Metal Stamping: Design, manufacture and run progressive dies for mid to high-volume precision metal stamping applications. Presses include Bruderer, Ing-Yu and Minster and range from 25 tons to 75 tons.

  • Insert Molding: Rotary overmolding of plastic onto metal stamped components. Equipment includes Demag and Autojector presses ranging from 75 tons to 150 tons.
  • In-Die Assembly: Metal assembly in the progressive die, such as rivet-type contact insertion, staking, and mixed metal assembly for spring and terminal assemblies, as well as circuit and terminal assemblies.
  • Component Assembly: Fully automated assembly of components and assemblies, utilizing automation equipment designed and built by Interplex Automation.
Interplex Daystar
11130 King Street
Franklin Park, IL 60131

+1 (847) 455 2424
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