Deep Drawing - Precision Deep Drawn Stamping

Deep Drawing

Interplex Industries, a leading global provider of precision metal stamping, plated and plastic molded components and assemblies and Stewart EFI, a leading US-based contract manufacturer of precision deep drawing, deep draw stamping, stamped and assembled components, have developed a joint venture to offer deep drawing - deep draw metal stamping services and precision deep drawn components as well as staked and welded wire assembly manufacturing services in China.

More about China-Based Deep Draw Stamping

The joint venture company, Interplex / Stewart EFI, operates from Hangzhou, China. The companies market the deep drawn stamping services of the joint venture to the automotive, electronics and cosmetics industries and utilize transfer press, progressive die and automated assembly technology to perform the manufacturing services.
Interplex Stewart EFI
(HZ) Co. Ltd
No. 3 Ave. 8 HEDA
Hangzhou 310018
P.R. of China

(86) 571 8691 3333
(86) 571 8691 2222 (fax)

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