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Press Release

Interplex Nascal Offers Apprenticeship Program for Tool & Die Makers

Tustin, CA – December 21, 2011. Interplex Nascal, Inc., a leader in the manufacturing of precision stamped products for the connector, electronic, and telecommunications industries since 1969, announced today that it has implemented an Apprenticeship Program to train a limited number of Tool and Die Makers.

For the past two years Interplex Nascal has been searching to find Tool and Die Makers who have experience in the metal stamping industry. In that two year period they have successfully hired only two (2) new Tool and Die Makers. “Like many employers requiring personnel with highly specialized skills, Interplex Nascal has difficulty meeting its needs in this area regardless of the general unemployment rate” said John Fili, General Manager.

This new program, starting in early 2012, seeks to place individuals with 2 years of college level technical training or five years of manufacturing work experience into a highly structured program. The two year program includes on the job training, supplemental classroom education and work experience in a mentoring relationship with senior personnel. Candidates who qualify and enter the program will be provided with a starting set of precision tools which will become their property upon completion. With continued success, trainees will start at a competitive base pay and receive regularly scheduled pay increases.

For further information about the program, please contact Cynthia Jones, Human Resource Manager, Interplex Nascal Inc. at 714-505-2900 or click here for more information.

Founded in 1958, Interplex Industries, Inc. is headquartered in College Point, NY. The company continues to expand its technology and capabilities in the areas of product design and application development services, metal etching, prototyping, tool design and build, precision metal stamping, die casting, precision machining, plating and finishing, insert and injection molding, assembly and full scale automation services around the world. Interplex currently provides its services to the communications, electronics, industrial, medical and automotive markets and has facilities in the United States, Mexico, China, India, Malaysia, Korea, Scotland, France, Germany and Hungary.

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