IGBT Power Modules


Three-Phase Inverter Stack Assembly
Three-Phase Inverter Stack Assembly

The Interplex Advantage

    • Engineered Application Specific Solutions
    • High force pluggable solder free interconnects
    • Multilayer Molded Bus Bar integration
    • CTE compliant, high current connections
    • Reduced current paths = lower inductance
    • Thermally efficient direct connections
    • Integrated Stackable ease of assemble solutions

IGBT Power Module Packaging Solutions

Interplex's application specific solutions for the packaging of IGBT power modules and complete power stack assemblies utilizing several proven core high-force, high-power, pluggable interconnect technologies, such as press-fit, IDC (Insulation Displacement Connectors), tuning forks and other products
Wirebondable Press-Fit Lead-Frame
Wirebondable Press-Fit Lead-Frame

Multi-layer busbar

Multi-layer Busbar

Power Module Integration

Years of experience in designing electronic packages utilizing specialized interconnection technologies allows Interplex to provide application specific solutions for the integration of multilayer bus systems, link capacitors, and current sensors into a stackable integrated package to maximize the efficiency of the power module assembly.

Power Module Interconnects

Interplex possesses application-specific interconnect solutions for direct termination from DBC’s, molded multilayer bus assemblies, interconnecting between bus systems that provide high current, flexible solutions to fit your application needs.
SMT to DBC Press-Fit
SMT to DBC Press-Fit Package

Engineering and Application Development

Thermal/electrical simulation software along with FEA tools are used to develop an integrated power module packaging solution that is both electrically and thermally efficient for application specific solutions. Power module assemblies are designed alongside manufacturing teams to insure a solution that is compatible with standard production techniques and assembly methods consistent with Interplex's vertically-integrated global manufacturing footprint,.

Thermal Simulation
Thermal & Electrical Simulation/FEA Capability

Vertically-Integrated Manufacturing

Vertically-integrated manufacturing disciplines, like precision metal stamping, complex molding, speciality plating and custom assembly combined with it global manufacturing footprints can develop and design a specific solution to your high-power interconnect and packaging needs that is manufactured wherever you need it.

IDC High-Power Motor Terminations

IDC High-Power Motor Terminations

Overmolded Press-Fit Leadframes

Overmolded Press-Fit Lead-frames

Interplex's Engineered Advantages

    • Higher thermal and process efficiency than solder in power connections
    • High-current conductivity
    • Reduced requirement for current paths to aid the management of induction.
    • Direct connection to PCB hole allows for effective heat and current transfer
    • Compliant connections to compensate for CTE mismatch between subassemblies
    • Pluggable, solder-free interconnects that require no heat for assembly
    • Interconnects that are compatible with controlled and automated assembly methods