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Interplex, a world leader in insert molding and insert molding technology, including reel-to-reel, rotary and shuttle insert molding technology, integrates the process with its precision metal stamping and electroplating capabilities to offer customers comprehensive one-stop solution.

Interplex's integrated insert molding capabilities produce a diverse portfolio of products including, semi-conductor packages, automotive sensors, medical components, electrical connectors, hybrid inverters, power driver assemblies and many other type of molded sub assemblies.

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What is Insert Molding?

Insert molding is a process whereby a part - often a metal stamped part - is subjected to the injection of thermoplastic around it to create a new, discrete component.

What kind of components does Interplex manufacture using Insert Molding?

A global insert molding supplier, Interplex’s design and manufacturing expertise in insert molded assemblies along with its application expertise in electronic packaging and connector technology allows Interplex to develop, design and deploy turnkey solutions to customer’s electronic packaging needs on a world wide basis.

Interplex develops electronic packaging solutions in applications for Micro-Modules found in Smart cards & RFID tag, Semi-Conductors applications like LEDs, MEMs and RF Power, Wire bondable connector packages for temperature , motion, pressure sensors and Connector assemblies.

Interplex maintains a robust internal insert molding tooling and design capability to assure all tools exceed customer requirements.

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What CAD packages does Interplex employ for its Insert Molding tools?

For mold and part design, Interplex employs top CAD packages such as AutoCAD, and Cadkey, as well 3D packages such as Pro E and Solidworks. Each facility has surface grinding, programmable CNC centers, sinker EDM and wire cutting EDM technologies, in house.

Which Insert Molding machines does Interplex utilize?

Interplex is among the leading Insert Molding suppliers around the world and has deployed a wide array of Insert Molding presses worldwide including:

Nissei, Arburg, Battenfeld, Autojector, Newbury, Techmire, Dassert, Engel

Where does Interplex perform Insert Molding?

Interplex performs insert molding in US, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, France and Hungary. Nearly every Interplex division that performs metal stamping, also performs insert molding allowing for an integrated solution around the world. For a full list of Interplex divisions who offer insert molding, look at the top right column of this page.

Insert Molding: Vertically Integrated Supplier

By providing its stamping and insert molding to customers in a vertically integrated environment, Interplex reduces total acquisition costs and improves quality by eliminating the opportunity for defects between processes.

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