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Mobile Devices
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Markets Served

Interplex Industries offers one of the most comprehensive set of precision metal, plastic and assembly solutions to a variety of Industries. The company leverages its vast vertically integrated resources of metal stamping, molding, plating and assembly and its global footprint to provide turnkey design and manufacturing services to customers around the world.

Interplex Automotive Capabilities
Interplex, a key supplier to the automotive market, offers its automotive customers the most comprehensive set of solutions for precision parts and assemblies in the industry. The company utilizes its global engineering capabilities to produce components ranging from a customer designed stamped part to an Interplex engineered complex, proprietary product that utilizes Interplex global, vertically integrated component manufacturing operations. With each of its factories supporting the automotive industry certified to TS-16949, Interplex creates solutions for its customers while exceeded the highest quality standards required.......Read More
Interplex Mobile Device Capabilities
Interplex supports all of the precision components needs of the Mobile Device industry by providing engineered custom solutions for functional and decorative components. The company's leverages its vast capabilities in precision metal stamping, surface finishing, insert molding, die casting, and chemical etching to create a solution to support any application. Interplex engineering and program management teams work close to customer design centers to assure successful product launches while utilizing manufacturing locations from low-cost regions around the world to provide the lowest cost solution.......Read More
Interplex Medical Capabilities
Interplex Industries works with the Medical Device industry in a variety of ways. We develop and assemble complete devices from Class 100,000 clean rooms that are ISO 14644 certified. Interplex's medical design team has extensive experience in from surgical devices like laparoscopic, endoscopic, and cardiovascular to catheter, stent and fluid delivery systems. We engineer and manufacture precision components from global facilities that are ISO 13485. Whatever the problem, Interplex has the solution.......Read More
Interplex Electronics Capabilities
Interplex Industries global, vertically integrated manufacturing solution gives customers in the Electronics industry a complete solution to solve a variety of problems. Proprietary products, such as Press-Fit connectors and Solder Bearing Leads, and expertise in semiconductor packages for optical, LED and sensor components provide customers with process-saving, turnkey interconnect solutions. A stamp-plate-mold-assemble manufacturing solution for connector minimizes cost and maximizes quality.......Read More
Interplex Military/Aero/Industrial Capabilities
Interplex Industries meets the unique challenges of the Mil-Aero/Industrial industries by providing unique solutions. Interplex engineers work with the company's wide-array of global precision manufacturing capabilities to solve the most challenging manufacturing problem. From filtration devices requiring Interplex's photochemical etching process to pumps, motor drivers and power products that require large manufacturing lines with world-class automation equipment, Interplex has the solution.......Read More
Interplex Semiconductor Packaging Capabilities
Interplex Industries offers one of the most comprehensive set of metal, plastic and assembly solutions to the Semiconductor packaging industry. The company leverage sits vast internal resources of stamping, molding, plating and assembly to provide turnkey design and manufacturing capability providing customers expert solutions to difficult problems.......Read More

Interplex is now an Amtek Engineering Company