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Interplex NAS

Expanding the Boundaries of
Precision Metal Stamping and Insert Molding

Welcome to INTERPLEX NAS, manufacturer of fine electronic products since 1958.

We are part of the INTERPLEX INDUSTRIES group, which maintains a network of world class manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Here at INTERPLEX NAS, we manufacture a wide range of sophisticated stamped products in various metals, and where required, plated overall or selectively with precious metals, and / or tin alloys or other diverse coatings.

We also offer a patented line of solder bearing leads and components, such as dual and multi row connectors, which we sell throughout the world. We have made many billions of these unique products which have saved countless millions of dollars for our many hundreds of customers.

In addition, INTERPLEX NAS also manufactures highly sophisticated insert molded products for connectors and other applications. These are made of various types of plated or unplated metals, molded into the required type of plastic.

Let us show you what INTERPLEX NAS can do for and with you.