As electronic components grow increasingly smaller, nothing overcomes the challenges of lead attachment better than NAS solder and flux bearing leads.

NAS developed the breakthrough concept of including on each lead clip a precise amount of solder and flux that can be easily reflowed and directed to the conductor pad. This process provides perfect solder joints every time, in one easy step.

Please visit our Online Catalog for a list of all types and size clips available. Or visit our Technical Bulletins to more detailed information about solder bearing leads and their applications.

Some of the more common applications for NAS leads include:

Typical substrate with DIL leads.

Typical substrate with a SIP lead mount.

An interconnect with a .100 (2,54) x .050 (1,27) footprint designed for ZIP memory module assemblies. Also available with a square .100 (2,54) x .100 (2,54) footprint.

Lead designed for high-frequency surface mount applications. It features low inductance, low resistance and low capacitance. Its unique design also provides stress relief for thermal mismatch.

NAS has produced many billions of leads for hundreds of different applications, including:

  • Dual Inline Packages
  • Single Inline Packages
  • Quad Packages
  • Through-Hole (Press Fit) Technology
  • Zigzag Inline Packages
  • Multi-Chip Circuits
  • Surface Mount Applications