INTERPLEX NAS is a technology leader in precision metal stamping. Our advanced equipment and unsurpassed expertise assure you of consistent quality and extreme precision at a competitive cost.

We offer:
  • In-house custom tooling using sophisticated CAD systems.
  • Design consultation. Our expert engineers can work with you to maximize functionality, simplify designs and reduce costs.
  • Micro size stamping in the widest variety of alloys.
  • Bandoliered wire products.
  • High-speed reel-to-reel stamping that allows you to take advantage of selective plating and fast, reliable automated assembly.
  • Revolutionary solder and flux bearing leads for a variety of circuits assembly applications.
  • High-run production quantities into hundreds of millions of parts per year.
  • The most stringent quality control. All our procedures and benchmarks are driven by ISO 9002 and QS 9000 standards.

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