Skiving : Contact Welding : Powder Coating : Heat Treating : Tape-and-Reel Packaging


Skiving produces a dual or multi-gauge product with an ultra smooth finish. Using sharp carbide cutters, skiving quickly shaves off to specified thickness, and is superior to milling in key ways: surface finish, uniform metal stress and cost.

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Contact Welding:

Precious Metal contacts can be manufactured from wire or rivets, using resistance welding or crimping techniques, followed by heading. This process is performed directly and automatically on the stamping die, at high speeds.

Heat Treating:

Interplex offers two styles of heat treating capabilities. The first is a conveyorized steel heat treat process that includes a fully automated feed machine with an in-line heat furnace, austemper furnace, and clean-out machine. The other is an atmospherically controlled Beryllium copper heat treatment process, which is performed at several Interplex companies.

Tape and Reel Packaging:

Interplex produces its own tape and reel packaging to reduce the costs associated with products assembled utilizing this manufacturing technique. See locations to the right who perform Tape & Reel packaging in-house.