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Product Assembly and Contract Assembly

Product Assembly Services

Interplex offers a wide array of contract assembly services and product assembly services including the assembly of medical devices, electrical connectors, and automotive subassemblies. The company utilizes assembly processes such as manual, semi-automatic and fully automated assembly techniques ranging from lead crimping to automatic contact insertion and final assembly for connectors and automotive components.

For automated contract assembly solutions, Interplex leverages its in-house custom designed assembly solutions capability, known as Interplex Automation. Interplex Automation, delivers custom designed assembly solutions ranging from single station work cells to fully-automatic robotic assembly systems. The company’s automation capabilities include rotary handling systems, fully automated and semi-automated systems as well as non-synchronous, rotary dial and cam operated automation

Interplex assembles medical devices in a clean room environment, performing the supply chain management , quality control and device assembly while applying lean/Six Sigma methodology's, approaches and practices.

In addition to our product assembly services, Interplex provides customers products in a variety of packaging solutions including tape and reel packaging, and trays designed to meet each customer's needs to reduce costs during the next levels of assembly.

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Product Assembly Locations

 Interplex Electronics Hangzhou
Hangzhou, China
 Interplex Hungary
Kunszentmarton, Hungary
 Interplex Medical LLC
Milford, OH USA