Interplex specializes in the manufacture of mechanical and electro-mechanical components. Utilizing its vertically-integrated capabilities--such as stamping, plastic injection molding, finishing, joining and assembly, the company offers customers a "one stop" shop for mechanical assembly and enclosure assembly for a variety of applications.

These contract assembly services and product assembly services include the assembly of medical devices, electrical connectors, automotive subassemblies, automotive steering components, industrial products, networking equipment and enterprise servers.
Mechanical Assembly

For these larger, mechanical components, the company performs complete supply chain management, final product testing and packaging for larger components and devices as well as direct shipment to customers.

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Mechanical Assembly Services

  • Full range of assembly capabilities which include mechanical assembly, electrical assembly and final product build
  • Custom Server Racks and Cabinet Assembly
  • Dedicated or flexible lines
  • Supply chain Direct Management shipment and logistics
  • Final products testing
  • Final products packaging
  • Direct shipment to distributors

    Mechanical Assembly
    Steering Column
    Mechanical Assembly
    Electric Toothbrush
    Mechanical Assembly
    Medical Cart
    Mechanical Assembly