Flux and Solder Bearing Leads

Interplex Industries' innovative solder bearing leads and flux bearing leads were developed to help overcome significant challenges in circuit assembly eliminating costly and secondary soldering operations. This Solder bearing and Flux bearing lead technology attaches a precise amount of solder and flux on each contact that can be easily reflowed and directed to the conductor pad without the addition of additional solder or flux.

This process provides perfect solder joints every time, in one easy step eliminating common quality concerns such as bridging and wicking. Interplex offers these leads with a wide variety of solder types from a 60/40 tin/lead to a large assortment of lead free solder types.

Interplex standard product offering of leads are configurable on applications for Dual Inline Packages (DIP), Single Inline Packages (SIP), Quad Packages Through-Hole (Press Fit) Technology, Zigzag Inline Packages, Multi-Chip Circuits, Multichip Modules, Surface Mount leads and terminals. Interplex is equipped with flexible tooling to adjust solder volumes, lead length, and other features that provides customers flexibility for many custom configurable options.

Solder bearing and Flux bearing lead technology can be found on applications such as memory modules, multichip modules, Ceramic PCBs, power modules, DC to DC convertors, connector assemblies, sensor assemblies crossing Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Telecom and other markets.

Interplex also offers a range of assembly equipment to help in the attachment and reflow of its solder and flux bearing lead technology -- from simple, inexpensive hand tools to a machine that can handle the entire lead attachment, reflow, lead forming and trimming along with other secondary operations if needed.

Interplex offers lead attachment and reflow machines for:

* Dual Inline Packages
* Single Inline Packages
* Quad Packages
* Through-Hole (Press Fit) Technology
* Zigzag Inline Packages
* Multi-Chip Circuits
* Surface Mount Applications.

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