Below are illustrations of a few of the many applications for the solder and flux bearing leads produced by NAS Interplex. These leads are furnished as standard products with various types of solder and flux to meet individual customer requirements.

Typical ceramic substrate with DIL leads.

A .050 [1.27] pitch surface mount lead assembled onto a substrate.
This mounting is also typical for normal chip carriers.

A substrate with leads offset .050 [1.27] from
each other on a .100 [2.54] square grid.

Lead designed for high-frequency surface mount applications.
It features low inductance, low resistance and low capacitance.
Its unique design also provides stress relief for thermal mismatch.

LEFT: A SIP lead for surface mount applications.
RIGHT: A typical substrate with a SIP mount.

Press-Fit solder bearing header pin.
Automatically inserted and soldered to daughter board in one operation.

An interconnect with a .100 [2.54] x .050 [1.27] footprint
designed for ZIP memory module assemblies. Also available
with a suare .100 [2.54] x .100 [2.54] footprint.

A chip carrier surface mounted to a group of leads.
This method is used when a chip carrier has a metal lid
close to the edge of the substrate, or if its thickness
tolerance is too large for a standard clip.