The evolution of hybrid and chip carrier technology has created the need for an effective interconnection scheme. The solution that has been developed is the edge clip. However, there is a wide variety of edge clips available today. I addition to both solder and non-solder bearing types, the designs available are as varied as the devices they can be applied to. Also, a wide range of materials are used to manufacture edge clips. All of this has led to confusion as to the best clip / material combination to use in a specific application.

Three basic factors which affect material selection are:
  1. Mechanical
  2. Electrical
  3. Thermal

The types of materials commonly used are:
  1. Coppers
  2. Beryllium copper
  3. Brasses
  4. Bronzes
  5. Phosphor bronze
  6. Leadframe materials (Kovar and F42 A alloy)

Interplex NAS can provide you with a complete report that details these peel/shear tests and reviews the key factors in material selection. Please contact us for a copy.