Interplex NAS produces various types of nonsolder and solder-clad circuit leads that soldered more consistently, produced fewer rejects, and offered a substantially higher degree of uniformity. In response to this need, NAS introduced its revolutionary solder and flux bearing leads to the worldwide electronics industry in the late 1970's. Though there have been continuous modifications and improvements in solder and flux bearing leads since their introduction, the basic requirements have not changed. Industry continues to need leads that solder with a consistency close to 100% and contain a precise predetermined amount of solder and flux. The amount must be adequate for good electrical and mechanical bonding, but not so much as to create shorring or bridging situations. NAS solder and flux bearing leads meet all these requirements and also offer the following advantages:
  • They eliminate the need for solder paste, solder dipping or the addition of flux - processes which increase the chances for bridging and wicking.
  • They are very adaptable to local heating and can be bonded to pads without raising the temperature of prepopulated boards to the reflow point. Any local heating method that adequately raises the temperature to reflow levels can be used.
  • Solder usedin the leadscan be any type, with various melting points and with any type of flux.
  • The NAS line includessolder and flux bearing leadswith centerlines of .100 [2.54], .075 [1.905], .050 [1.27], .040 [1.02], .025 [0.635] and .020 [0.508].

The money- and time-saving advantages of NAS solder and flux bearing leads are recognized around the world. Over the years, billions of these leads have been produced for hundreds of different customers and applications. While NAS solder and flux bearing leads do cost slightly more than non-solder leads, their greatly reduced process costs result in a significantly less expensive finished product. In addition, they can be used in applications that are not possible for other leads, thanks to the various types of solder and
flux available.