Press Fit Pins from Interplex Sunbelt
  • Press-Fit Zones: 0.64mm & 0.8mm
  • Industry standard .64mm, 1.5mm, 2.8mm, 6.3mm size terminals are available
  • Blade Sizes: Standard and Custom Available
  • Tested for Operational Temperatures Up to 150C
  • Designed for High Speed Insertion
  • Standard and High Performance Alloy Options
  • Flexible Tooling for Low Cost Variations

Interplex Sunbelt’s solderless press-fit terminals are available in 0.64mm and 0.80mm options and, depending on alloy selection, are qualified for automotive applications at 125C and 150C. Modular high-speed production dies allow for configuration of specific blade lengths and tip geometries to reduce product development cycles as well as cost.

Flag terminals, tuning fork sockets, dual press-fit stacking pins and other specialty parts are also available.

For additional information, visit our press-fit technical bulletins.

Qualification standards: Continental CQR10098897, Hella-Norm 28100, IEC 60352-5, TRW 206914 and others.

Speciality Terminals and Applications

Compliant Pins
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